HejHär är en artikel om Mr Arar från Canada som blev bortförd av CIA. Han har i alla fall fått ekonomisk kompensation.


läs hela artikeln geom att klicka..
Extraordinary Rendition Exposed Again
by Adel Safty
August 31, 2007

Under fire and in the face of growing public condemnation of the extraordinary rendition program, Bush administration officials confirmed to the New York Times (March 6,05) the existence of the rendition program and the mistreatment. ”
This,” observed the editors of the NYT, ”confirmed that the Bush administration has been outsourcing torture and intends to keep doing it.”

Even former CIA inspector Frederick Hitz condemned the practice for its illegality and its immorality. (Democracy Now, Feb 2, 2007 )

The State Department’s own lawyer, William Taft IV, expressed alarm at the criminality of the practice of torture and the Bush administration’s attempt to justify it..

In a lengthy legal opinion, which he sent to the Justice Department on January 11, 2002, and copied to the then White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales,. he reportedly warned the Justice Department and the White House lawyers that disregarding the Geneva Conventions was ”untenable.”

He urged them to warm President Bush that he would ”be seen as a war criminal by the rest of the world.” (New Yorker, Feb 14, 2005)


Prof. Adel Safty’s latest book is Leadership and Democracy, New York.

Incognito – Nights Over Egypt



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