Skriver inte så mycket idag utan bifogar istället


Varning för på en del bloginlägg finns hemska bilder. I synnerhet på ett inlägg som heter death numbers are arising in Tibet.

Nu vet jag ju inte om de bilder som visas är autentiska eller härstammar från ngt annat men de är skrämmande och blodiga.

Känsliga läsare varnas!

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  1. hysteria skriver:

    In connection with Tibet.
    Tibet is Chinese since the fourteenth century. Lhassa was under Chinese authority and then under Manchu authority long before Besancon or Dôle were under the authority of the french kings.. To speak ”about the invasion” of 1959 to qualify an event inside the Chinese revolution is totally aberrant.Do we say that France ”invaded” the Vendée when the armies of our Republic entered there to fight the royalist insurrectionists. The Dalaï LAMA and the other tibetans lords accepted all what communist China proposed to them and what China offered, such as for example the post of vice president of the popular assembly that ”its holiness” the Dalai Lama occupied without balking. That until 1956 when the communist regime decided to abolish serfdom in Tibet and the areas bordering it. In a negation of thetibetan traditions, which I entirely approve, the Communists suppressed the codes which classified the population in three categories and nine classes in which the price of the life was specified, classes which gave the owners of serfs and slaves the right of life, of death and of tortures on them. One does not evoke the satut of women under the traditional tibetan way of life. But it is possible to get that information for those who have a well hung heart. The communist authority put an end to the violent fights between local tibetans chiefs as to the various bloody punishments that the monks inflicted with those which contravened the religious rules of which they were the guards. The tibetan version of Charria ended with the Communists. The revolt of 1959 was prepared, armed, maintained and financed by the USA within the framework of the cold war. Veiled are the charming traditions of the Dalaï LAMA before the Communists and the horrible ” invasion” which put an end to it. Since, the schooling of the children of Tibet reaches 81% .It was only 2% at the blessed times of the old traditions. The life expectancy in the contemporary ”Chinese hell” prolongs the life of the tibetan slaves from 35, 5 to 67 years. The ”destruction of the Tibetans” shows clearly by the doubling of the tibetan population 1959… from one of a million to two million and half. For all that, the situation deserves better, more circumspection, more respect for the Chinese than the ridiculous stereotypes than people who would never want for themself, their partner or for their children a way of life as lamentable as that the one lived under the rule of the king of the buddhist monks of Tibet. At present I do not have any sympathy to ”the government in exile of Tibet” where its holiness is the ultimate decision maker on practically all the questions, where a number of members of his own familyseats, which is completely unusual to most governments, even those in exile. This without speaking about their presence in various key positions of finance and businesses . I respect the right of his holiness an his partisans to believe what he wants , but I too, have the right to be in total dissension with the idea of their theocratic rule. I am also hostile with the enrolment of children in the monasteries. I am opposed to the existence of serfdom. I am laic and therefore I am completely opposed to the political authority of monks, even of those which the album ”Tintin in Tibet” showed to be so sympatic but however never were. I disapprove also the standpoint of the ”king of the monks” against the abortion and his view on homosexuallity . Even surrounded by rather tempting smiles, his declarations on these two subjects are in my eyes as antiquated as his theocratic political project. I never supported the Ayatollah Khomeiny, even when I was against the Shah of Iran. I the same way, I do not support the Dalaï LAMA, neither in his religion , neither in its political claims of which I disapprove, nor in his secesionnist attempts . I may ask the following; why, to exert and rule his religion would the Dalaï LAMA need a State? A State which to be created up would cut down China by the quarter of its surface!

  2. Hi Thank you för your comment, it was very informative and its greatly appriciated.
    I learned a lot.

    This is a very complex matter and it stirs up a lot of emotions. My personal concern and hope is that the Chinese highlevel leaders will start a dialouge, and that his holyness Dalai Lama should be allowed back in to Tibet.

    Small steps have to be taken to reach some form of breakthrough

    I Hope you and your friends have a nice day and please take care.

    Regards and with deep compassion for the Chinese people and the Tibetan people abroad and i their homecountries.

    Tindra-Annette Broström Sunne Sweden. /tindra66


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